Special Presentation 2/23: Tom Dolan and Live/Work After Ghost Ship

Last December’s tragic Ghost Ship Fire has brought to light difficult realities about the struggle of many to continue living in the Bay Area – and now applying more pressure than ever on these communities.

But in this aftermath we’re also seeing (firsthand for several OASF members) how architects have the right professional tools to relieve the hazardous living conditions of these communities. The task is complicated by a need to tailor professional expertise to very particular client conditions, including anonymity of residents on the wrong side of the building code.

Open Architecture San Francisco is honored to host next Thursday a conversation with architect and live/work designer Thomas Dolan on the architecture profession’s efforts to address and resolve some of the most intractable conditions experienced by some of the most vulnerable residents of the Bay Area. Details below.

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2016: A Look Back

Not that anybody needs a reminder, but 2016 was a LONG YEAR! So long in fact we welcomed it under a different name. During the period when the Open Architecture Collaborative identified itself, built a board of directors, and quietly secured a 501(c)3, the “San Francisco Chapter” had its own rebuilding to do.
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